There may be no other industry that has experienced more regulatory change recently than the world of health care. Today, from those who practice to the clinics that they serve, the financial side of health care is as unique, complicated, and complex as it has ever been.

Since our start in 1982, Gollob Morgan Peddy has made serving the health care community a number-one priority. With declining reimbursements and increasing overhead, physician compensation is being “squeezed.” Don’t let that happen to you and your practice.

GMP can help!

The Gollob Morgan Peddy staff is experienced and trained to work with today’s health care professional. Using cutting edge technology coupled with continual professional education, the GMP staff is ready to help you answer the questions of today and, more importantly, plan for the questions that lie ahead.

As part of your team, we go beyond the traditional tax and accounting services to add value to your practice and help you make solid business decisions that will positively impact your bottom line.

A few of the ways we can add value to your practice include:

  • Building reports that capture results of the relevant matrix for better practice decisions
  • Calculating profit-split formulas and owner’s compensation
  • Evaluating the impact of new/ancillary services
  • Assessing internal controls and recommending improvements to reduce vulnerability to embezzlement
  • Recommending retirement plans that meet your business and personal needs
  • Valuing practices when needed for acquisitions and buy/sell agreements
  • Complete practice assessment
  • Accounts receivable assessment
  • Billing service review
  • Physician compensation
  • Individual estate planning
  • Wealth building/retirement planning

We can help you navigate the complex issues of the day. Contact our health care team today to find out how we can partner together to work for tomorrow.