Why Work for Gollob Morgan Peddy?

It is said that any great journey begins with a single step. In 1982 Michael Gollob, Tony Morgan and Robert “Bob” Peddy took that first step by defining the culture of what they envisioned as a rare organization with ample opportunities for success. GMP believes that each and every individual adds to the value of the firm. Employee success is always a priority. Mentoring programs, innovative technology and approachable partners are the core of our culture. When you add community involvement, flexible start times and remote work access to the mix, our unique culture begins to be defined. However, our journey continues as we constantly look for ways to secure a work-life balance for all of our staff members. That single step, taken several years ago, was the beginning of the total experience that is GMP. Our people, past and present, are all a part of the GMP legacy.