The Gollob Morgan Peddy story began in 1982 when a group of seven people set out to create a better public accounting firm.Their goal was to service their clients by acting as an advocate for their businesses, their families, and their employees. They also sought to avoid micromanaging the people who joined alongside them. Instead, they wanted their team to be able to come to work, flourish both professionally and creatively in their efforts, and lead their own lives.

Our Vision

Gollob Morgan Peddy P.C.'s vision is to be the CPA firm of choice in our market by consistently exceeding client expectations. 

Our Mission

Gollob Morgan Peddy P.C.'s mission states: "Today, I will succeed by providing quality service to help our clients reach their goals, solve their problems and seize their opportunities." 

All of these principles still ring true today: our philosophy is to care for our clients, employees, and our communities – because when they succeed, we succeed.

At Gollob Morgan Peddy we are proactive with our clients rather than reactive. Instead of crossing bridges with you as they come, we help you anticipate them long in advance, crafting strategies that ensure the most positive possible outcomes.

As professionals we recognize the importance of buckling down to get the job done. But we also celebrate the lighter moments, where everyone involved in a project can simply have fun. The culture we have developed here is one of family – we understand that the better our team gets along with each other, the better we work as a cohesive unit. Our open-door policy allows us to share insights with one another through constant communication and mutual respect.

The core group of partners at GMP communicates effectively because we know it’s not all about us. It’s about growing this firm to be bigger than any of us and to last beyond all of us. Today, after more than 37 years of growth, we are a local firm with international reach, a Top 300 Firm, and still committed to the same goals. We proudly serve thousands of clients across the Southwest, around the country, and around the globe.

We invite you to join our family. GMP was created to help you meet your goals. Contact us today to find out more on how we can partner together to create a better tomorrow.