Careers Overview

Work Environment

Gollob Morgan Peddy is a leading provider of tax, audit and advisory services in East Texas. We believe that outstanding client service is firmly rooted in the people we employ and the environment in which they work.

We strive to facilitate an environment that is professional, friendly and conducive to long-term employment. As a result, our firm attracts and retains exceptional people with a balanced view of life and business in order to meet and serve the needs of our clients and community in a manner unique to our profession.

We equip our employees with cutting edge technology and have transitioned to a paperless office environment and imaging system.

As a part of that system, our employees are outfitted with three flat panel monitors and the most current applicable software. Typically, each accountant's hardware is updated every three years. We feel that the use of technology enhances the quality and efficiency of the services that we provide.

Our mission statement reads "To be the CPA Firm of Choice in our market by consistently Exceeding Client Expectations". If you are interested in being part of a group of CPA professionals striving to succeed on a daily basis, please review our available positions for one that interests you.

Gollob Morgan Peddy offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits. We welcome resumes from talented accounting and administrative professionals.

If you are interested in one of our available positions, please e-mail your resume to Suzzone Fletcher, or fax to 903-581-3915.



Career FAQ

I am (or plan on) attending post graduate classes. Will Gollob Morgan Peddy provide enough flexibility for me to work and attend school?

Most graduate courses are taught in the evenings, so they do not interfere with your work schedule. However, if a class conflicts in a certain manner, Gollob Morgan Peddy will do its best to allow you to work around your class. Gollob Morgan Peddy's workload will drastically increase during the spring semester, so you may be encouraged to scale back or eliminate your course load during this time.

Is there one particular person I can go to for miscellaneous needs and questions?

You will find that the staff at Gollob Morgan Peddy is very friendly and always willing to help you. However, to provide you a central point of contact, Gollob Morgan Peddy will assign you to a senior staff member who will be your mentor.  This mentor will meet with you frequently to help integrate you into the Firm.

When will I be working overtime hours?

The majority of the overtime for our accountants will be from January 15th-April 15th. However in some circumstances it may be necessary to work additional hours from mid-August through October 15th. We do  make every effort to enjoy time away from work during slower times of the year, primarily during the summer months. 

What kind of training processes do you have?
Each new employee will be provided (as needed) training on our tax software, accounting software and any administrative software that our firm uses.  In addition, entry level accountants are typically sent to an experience-appropriate tax class to build a foundation for practical tax issues.

What is the dress code?
Typically, business casual is acceptable on a day to day basis, however, certain circumstances require you to adjust your attire to the business situations that you will be in during the day. We do have  "dress for your day" on Fridays, meaning if you have no client meetings, jeans are appropriate. 

Does Gollob Morgan Peddy have a high or low turnover rate?
Gollob Morgan Peddy has maintained an exceptionally low turnover rate for many years.

How many people work at Gollob Morgan Peddy?
Currently, there are approximately 100 people on staff. We are continuing to grow in all areas of the firm. 

Will I work with a certain group of people?
Yes, in order to increase efficiency and accountability Gollob Morgan Peddy is organized into work teams.  Work teams consist of at least one partner, a team leader, senior accountants and staff accountants.  Teams typically range from 3 members to 10 members.  This arrangement provides familiarity with the particular practices of the partner, the group, the client and the client’s industry, which results in greater efficiency and a smoother transition for new employees.

All materials will be kept in strictest confidence. Gollob Morgan Peddy is an equal opportunity employer.