Escrow Audits for Title Companies

Escrow Audit Services

GMP provides escrow audit services for title companies located in several counties throughout the East Texas area.

GMP has experienced staff that has a full understanding of the State of Texas Insurance Board’s reporting requirements as well as the compliance requirements under the minimum escrow accounting procedures. Our staff understands the three-way reconciliation process mandated by TDI for proper escrow reconciliations that are to be maintained on a monthly basis.  Our staff also has experience in examining closing files for proper documentation required to be maintained in support escrow receipts and disbursements.

We feel that our experience can benefit title companies in helping them comply with the State’s requirements.  We also have the ability to conduct most of the audit work through electronic transmission of reports, reconciliations, bank statements, and file examinations through our client portal system that is set up through our website.  This provides our clients with an easy and secure means to upload information that we need to examine in order to conduct the audit.

Allow GMP to help you with your escrow audit needs.  For more information or to contact our audit partners, please e-mail Tommy Chambers at or Kevin Cashion at